Chairman of jingta group, visited the Sri lankan market
CLASS:Company News


   In early September, group chairman li jing and general manager li jianying visited Sri Lanka. They visited local middlemen and had good communication with many traders. Through face-to-face exchanges, we learned about the direct needs of customers, and potential demand, and actively listen to each other's requirements, made a summary for our ongoing exporting work deficiencythe weaknesses in the current work and products and services have a better understanding, exchange views, to further consolidate the Sri Lanka market share of the existing various problems also actively put forward the solution, better service customers to lay a solid foundation for the future.

   In the meantime, the two visited local bigger terminal user. Customers have high requirements on the quality of raw materials. At present, most of the procurement is from India. After we return to China, we will sort out relevant product materials and find suitable Chinese raw materials for customers.

   The two also visited local Chinese construction companies to learn about their procurement model and market share, and actively seek possible ways of cooperation for the next step.


   We will continue to follow the policy guidance of national One Belt And One Road, develop more emerging markets, actively go out, face to face with customers, and make our exports bigger and stronger.