We own steel structure special design Grade A qualification, and we can take on the design and segment of the multi-level building, light steel structure work. Currently our company have more than 30 steel structure profesional designers, including 2 A level registered steel structure engieers and more than 20 high titled technican, and we have alredy complete more than one hundered various of steel structure designing including light steel structure, heavy steel structure and multi-level building and so on which gain a most valueable experiences. 

With the continuously improvement of techology, we also cooperate with well-known universities and research institutes which make a strong supporter of the company. With the conbined of producting, learning and researching, we coorperate with University of Science and Technology of Shandong, Shanghai tongji university and Shandong Jianzhu university, and hired a number of industry-renowned experts and professors as the company’s technical consultant.