Chairman of jingta group, visited the Bangladesh market
CLASS:Company News


In early September, group chairman li jing and general manager li jianying visited Bangladesh.

First of all, they visited local steel wholesalers. Through face-to-face communication, we got a comprehensive understanding of customers' demands, market trends, the proportion of supply of each country and so on. Then, they visited several local steel structure companies to learn about the cooperation intention. Due to high import tariffs on steel structure products in Bangladesh, most customers now purchase raw materials directly rather than directly import processed products.

  The next day,the two visited the company's cooperative customers, listened to their opinions on our services and products, and learned about the demands of terminal customers. For existing problems, we will actively improve and further improve our service work, laying a foundation for the smooth development and development of our business.

  The markets of Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are similar but have their own characteristics. Both countries are at a stage of relatively weak infrastructure development, with huge demand for building materials and steel. We should actively hold the dividend of market development in both countries, while improving our own work, broaden our business scope and make our export business stronger and bigger.