Sports Centre

In view of building materials of the large span construction must be high strength and light weight, the steel structure is being used to plant, the department store, the gym. The steel structure is composed of steel beams, columns, c-type purlins, and eps roof and wall panels. The steel beams and columns are usually made of H-steel which is usually adopted H-type steel directly or steel plate welded together. The purlins are made of C-type steed and also can be made of Z-type steel. And the beams and columns are connected by high density bolts and the connection means between columns and the concrete foundations is anchor bolts. The EPS sandwich panels is made into the roof or wall panels.


All these steel parts are prefabricated in the factory so that shorting the construction period greatly. The finish project looks very beautiful and there are many advantages about this kind of structure:


1.water proof, moisture proof


3.seismic performance is good stability is good

5.can be 100% recycled, environment protection.

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